• Casting Shop
  • High diversity of cast iron pan supports in each work shift (about 8 hours) in compare with disamatic casting line because of 8 pair molds in molding procedure.
  • Possibility of change and correcting the mold and castings faults on time, without stopping the whole production line.

  • Melting Shop:
  • Using of induction furnace in melting process.
  • Appropriate melt chemical adjustments analysis in 2 tons induction furnace by usage of spectrometer.
  • Uniform melt and analysis due to using of the 10 tons holder furnace.
  • After adjustment, the melting feed of 2 MT furnace will get into the holder furnace for stabilization.

  • Machining Shop:
  • Performing 100% of cast Iron pan supports controls by QC experts in production procedure and final checking of the grids in machining section which will remove and trim additions and wrinkles.
  • Smooth surface of the completed grids is because of using high technology shot blast machinery.

  • Enameling Shop:

Using of high quality enameling of cast iron available in the industry and performing different kinds of tests such as: adherence, salt spray, thermal shock etc., on the cast iron and enameling and confirmation if it passes the internal test successfully.

Types of enameling process on the grids:

  1. Spraying process
  2. Deep process

Controlling the enameling during production procedure:

  1. Controlling enameling production procedure, thickness of enamels on the grids, temperature and cooking speed.
  2. Controlling enameling thickness of completed grids and performing daily random thermal shock and salt spray tests.

Visually controlling the finished grids at the end of the line by our QC experts and doing the packing according to customer’s demands.

  • Laboratory

  • Performing the laboratory tests on raw materials and destructive and nondestructive testing during and after production.
  • Testing the new green sand and casting section production used sand.
  • Calculating AFS number, compressive strength test, moisture percentage etc.
  • Chemical analysis by Spectrometer.
  • Metallography test (Microscopic structure of cast iron).
  • Piece charpy impact test for assuring the physical strength.
  • Enameling thermal shock test
  • Enameling salt spray test.
  • Impact test for assuring the perfect enameling adherence to the cast iron.

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